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Japan Tea Master

Tea Master Tasuku, Troy & Katie

Kyoto Dew Matcha - A Story of the Heart

After undergoing unexpected heart surgery in 2016, Troy began his journey to recovery and better health.  It was during this time that he and his wife, Katie, discovered the numerous health benefits of matcha.

As they immersed themselves in the world of matcha, Troy and Katie were captivated by its rich history and the vibrant culture surrounding it. They were drawn to its ability to uplift and rejuvenate the body and soul, a quality they felt compelled to share with others.

Their exploration led them to Tasuku, a tea master and custodian of a centuries-old family teahouse in Kyoto.  Tasuku's reverence for matcha and his longstanding connections with organic matcha farmers resonated deeply with Troy and Katie and they knew they had found a kindred spirit and partner who shared their vision of bringing the essence of matcha to a wider audience.

With Tasuku's expertise and their shared enthusiasm, Troy and Katie set out to create Kyoto Dew Matcha—a brand that would not only showcase the unparalleled taste and purity of first harvest matcha, renowned for its healing properties, but also honor its rich heritage and cultural significance.

Kyoto Dew Matcha isn’t just about selling a product; it is about sharing a journey of healing, discovery, connection, and the profound essence that matcha derives from its heritage. With every sip of Kyoto Dew Matcha, you're not just tasting a beverage; you're experiencing a piece of history and a touch of tradition, while nourishing both your body and soul. Welcome to our family, where every cup tells a story.

Founders Troy & Katie

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